Happy New Year

30 lb of Fat
Try carrying a bowling ball around for an hour. Then imagine lugging two of them 24-7, which is exactly what you’re asking of your body. No wonder your heart is working overtime and your cholesterol, likely 250 or greater, is in the gutter. If a heart attack strikes today, you have a 16 percent chance of not waking up. You need to begin losing weight now–there is no time to spare.
50 lb of Fat
Carry this much extra weight and your chance of dying during your first heart attack is the flip of a coin. Survived the first one? You have a 49 percent chance of having another. Other diseases have your number, too: Your risk of diabetes is up 1,000 percent, and you’re 17 percent more likely to suffer a stroke. You’re a time bomb, which is too bad for you and the little boy, girl, niece or nephew you’ll be leaving behind if you don’t act today.
That’s a lot of science, which I now give you permission to forget. Just remember these five rules that derive from it.
1. Eat five or six times a day, avoiding large gaps between meals and snacks. Don’t allow yourself to get ravenously hungry, and don’t stuff yourself. If you find you’re slipping into a bad mood before a meal, that’s a pretty good sign you’ve waited too long to eat.  Just remember…  portion control, portion control, portion control.  Don’t eat until you are full.  If you keep eating until you feel full, it’s too late.  It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to catch up to the signals your stomach is sending saying, "STOP".
2. Eat some carbs and protein at every meal and snack, and some calcium-rich dairy at several of them.  For example, an apple with 2 sticks of low-fat string cheese makes a great healthy snack.  Think apples and cheese don’t go together?  You’d be surprised.  A good lunch may consist of a turkey sandwich on 100% whole wheat with a side salad of baby spinach or mixed greens (iceberg is worthless).  Hold the fatty dressing.  If you can’t see through it, it’s probably bad for you.  Instead, opt for a balsamic vinaigrette.  For dinner, try a chicken breast with steamed broccoli and a baked sweet potato (stay away from the Idaho spuds).
3. Always eat something shortly before exercising; you’ll burn more calories that way.  Then eat something soon after. This will speed up the repair process, which also costs your body some caloric capital. This article explains it best.
4. Lift weights two to four times a week, focusing on the largest muscle groups. Three total-body workouts a week is ideal for creating a metabolic challenge; that way, you use all your big muscles every time you hit the gym.  Alot of people try to stick to only cardio types of exercise for fat loss.  This is a HUGE mistake.  Strength training combined with cardio will turn your body into a fat-burning machine.
5. Try to do something active on two or three of your nonlifting days. If you have the energy, interval workouts are best. But if these additional workouts leave you feeling wiped, it’s far better to conserve your energy for three tough strength workouts a week, rather than spread it out over six half-assed exercise sessions.  However, you’re New Years resolution didn’t mention anything about going half-way did they?  You only need a 20 minute interval session three times a week.  You’re not going to let a measly 60 minutes per week keep you from beating your goals.
I wish I could conclude this by telling you that weight loss is fast and easy, rather than slow and strenuous. I can’t.  But the exciting news is that science has proven this to be a straighter path to steady, successful weight loss — no starvation, death marches required or fad diets required.


  1. Does not running with your buddies on Thursday night count as doing something active on a nonlifting day? ;} Dude, get your skinny little behind out there this Thursday and open up a can of whupa$$ on that course. I know you can make the under 30 min crowd. Just don\’t fear passing out!!!BTW, last Thursday saw a massive PR for me. 38 min and change. :)

  2. Thanks so much for these tips.. man between you and your wife, I\’ll be losing the lbs in no time!!

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