1. I am wanting to lose weight very badly. I did a google search and found your blog. Its amazing how you do it. I have almost no will power but, am trying to push myself. 2 years ago I was pushing 280 lbs, and lost 100 pounds the unhealthy way. Starving myself. At 180-190lbs.Female, 5\’4 and 17 years old. I want to desperately lose 40 lbs, feel healthy and be healthy. If you could get back to me. I would really appreciate it. How long did it take you to lose your weight?

  2. Actually I\’m a female, and I don\’t really know my height, ..I believe I am 5\’7 or 5\’8.

  3. Thanks Ash!!"Someone" – Absolutely.Just out of curiosity (before I can make any recommendations), what is your height? I assume you\’re a male?

  4. yay for dad!!!! wow, i think the shortest time i ran a mile was about 9 minutes. haha and thats nuthin compared to your record!!! im so proud of you! i love you dad!

  5. Congratulations on breaking your record!About my question..So if I start to exercise and eat right, these love handles will fade with time? I really want to lose 20 or more pounds.. it\’s my goal. I currently weigh 142.What exercises work best?

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