Day 1 – 20.7 Miles Completed

Let me start off by saying…  if you think something like this is easy, because it is just walking, you are in for a rude awakening (if you should have the guts to do it).

Today we walked 20.7 miles.  It started around 7:30.  I finished around 3:00.  With the lunch stop and stretching breaks, that equates to be about 4 miles per hour.

I consider myself in decent shape.  Even so, this was tough.  Right now my hamstrings are KILLING me. 

However, it my few days of pain is nothing compared to those with MS who have to deal with pain and discomfort for the rest of their life (or until we find a cure).  I have to SUCK IT UP!

For the most of the morning I walked by myself.  At lunch, I was befriended by a great group of guys and gals who I finished with.  Man..  what a riot these clowns are.

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  1. Love the pics! Im glad you found some people to hang with. Tell them I said hello and thank them for me – for befriending you but most importantly for participating in this walk. Looks like you\’re having a blast – aside from your feet. <3

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