Talking about PUHLEEZE!!

I completely agree.  When doing a triceps pushdown, and after completing the last rep (with your hands at the down stroke) allowing the weights to fall freely (12 or more inches) on a cable machine is completely unnecessary.  This is what we both witnessed on three separate sets by the same person.  Come on folks, show some courtesy to your fellow gym rats and to the other members of the gym whose dues pay for the equipment that you’re abusing.


PUHLEEZE!! (a post on My Wife’s Blog, click here)

Do guys really think that it’s a turn on for ladies by slamming weights down at the gym?  Do they think that it says "ME BIG MAN!  SEE BIG MAN LIFT REAL HEAVY WEIGHTS!  SEE BIG MAN’S TESTOSTERONE SPIKE UP SO HIGH THAT I MAKE WEIGHTS SLAM DOWN!"  (By the way this is usually accompanied by the "Either I cant read or choose not to follow the gym ettiquette rules posted all over the gym" syndrome)  Geez and PUHLEEZE!!!  The only thing your slamming the weights tells this female (and most llikely others) is:  "See dumba** lift weights that he cant control?!"  Do us all a favor and either:

(a) lower the weights to where you can ACTUALLY LIFT AND CONTROL them or

(b) buy a home gym and destroy your own fricken weights. 

Do some guys really crave that much attention?

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  1. Wow, I was just browsing your blog and it all changed again. Very nice pictures of you and the bike. You ad for your MS Walk looks great too. You always seem to be very good with the graphical arts. Great posts about dieting and excercise. You guys are a great testiment of what traditional *good choices* will do for you. Keep up the great work!

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