XTERRA Whitewater short recap

Had a fun race today. Raced with some great competitors, many of which are awesome friends. Honestly, I could have done better today. Took a few spills, learned lots of lessons and a few old ones reiterated, but still managed to squeak 3rd overall and 1st in division. Special congrats to Sebastian Binnemann who took first place. We’ve spent hours together on occasion marking and tearing down Charlotte-area trail races. He’s the silent behind the scenes to some of YOUR races. Also, shout out to AJ Petrillo for taking 2nd. Another awesome friend, smart and fast racer that always carries a smile. With his sense of humor, he’ll keep you laughing. Constantly. Great race, you two! Check out the results: http://usnwc.org/play/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/XTERRA-Whitewater-Overall-Results.pdf