Grind n rotors

No. Not grinding rotors, Grind and rotors.

Dan and I finished second place in the Male Duo division at the 6 Hour Grind at the Greenway on Saturday. Wasn’t the best race for me.

We planned 4 laps each and accomplished it. My first lap was pretty decent and I felt pretty good but the other 3 sucked arse. The week leading up to the race consisted of the perfect storm of issues that caused me not to be in good racing condition. Some of them were out of my control while others were self inflicted. There were a few lessons learned, so not a total loss. All-in-all, squeaking out a second place finish is a good ending.

Neal Boyd put on yet another awesome event with a well-marked course, great staff and awesome food. To top it off, free beer from OMB was served.

Yesterday, Alba sent me up into the attic to fetch the Halloween decorations. As she’s going through the box she discovers a missing pair of brake rotors. Apparently, last year I had returned from a bike trip about the same time as packing up the decorations. Somehow the rotors made there way from my bike shipping box into the decorations. I’ve since replaced them so I guess I have a backup pair now.