Secret Service

This mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to try out cool, new products from GU Energy.  Utmost secrecy is required.  Should you become compromised, GU will disavow you…

Ok.  That may be a bit over-dramatic, but when the friends over at the GU labs sent me this little tube of goodness a while back, I felt like a secret agent.  This was especially true when they said to keep it on the down-low.


The GU Brew Electrolyte tablets are just that.  Small tablets that you pop in your water to bring you the all-important electrolytes you need to perform well, but without any calories.  The flavor they sent me last December was Peach Tea.  I think they NAILED the flavor and it’s almost makes me want to pop a tablet in my mouth and start chewing.  (DISCLAIMER: This is not the recommended use.)

“December?  What?  And why are you just now telling me about this?” you might be saying.  Well, I’ve passed on kudos via mouth service all season.  I also wanted to use it extensively before giving my thoughts (not to mention I had to wait until they hit the market).  Since then, they’ve come out with a whole line of GU Brew Electrolyte tablet flavors.  I’ve been using the tabs ever since, throughout the season, experimenting with the different flavors once I got my hands on them.  My favorite is still Peach Tea with Orange coming in a very, very close second.


In the past I would use electrolyte capsules to supplement my needs without the added calories.  This is a MUCH tastier way to get the vital nutrients in while also forcing you to hydrate as well.

Hit up your local sports store for some or visit for more info.

Be a Warrior!