Step away from fitness for a second….

For those who have fought for it, Freedom has a flavor the protected will never know.
How would I know?  The pic below is a collage of different pictures of me during the original Desert Storm and Panama liberation (yes, my wife and I were there when Noriega was removed).
What spawned this sidetrack off of my typical fitness blogging?  A comment (and subsequent discussion) on my wife’s space.
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  1. Wow…a fellow 602? Well, now, 2T2! I worked cargo processing (box kicker)at Travis AFB, Ca, then got forced into TMO cause they had a shortage so I worked household goods, packin-n-cracking, passenger tickets, blah! I loved working around the flightline better! In the reserves I had a choice and I stuck with being a Aerial Porter fo\’ sure! Nice chatting with both you and your wife and kudos, salutes, and thanks!Dom.PS/hmmm, I would have to scan my pics to post them, they are so old…should I? I got some good ones too…very nice pics ya got there!!

  2. Thank you love for referring my site. I never knew I would get the response I did. I guess I struck a chord. Good! It needed to be struck. I feel that except for the little excerpts on the news about the war, that people have forgotten our troops. That is what they are "Our Troops". I have always said that I didnt like viewing the news pieces that showed what happened on 9/11. But it needs to be done. I think many of us have become complacent with the fact that no terrorists attacks have occurred. And I think that we need to continue to be vigilant despite the "peace" we currently percieve. Should we falter, I fear that we will regret our complacency if we continue on this path. ILY

  3. Thanks for your kind words and I just loved your wife\’s blog. I\’m new in Phoenix and I was so disgusted running into those pigs saying they were military and then mocking me. "What goes around comes around," but thanks for the kind words. You two are amazing, total inspirations for the military and fitness worlds! I\’ll link your site on mine as I did with your wife\’s space..she rocks!Dominique

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