I’ve been racing these awesome shoes for several years now.  They are the most comfortable, grippy, light and all-around fast shoes I’ve ever worn.  Hands. Down.  These things would allow me to walk right up a tree if I could maintain being horizontal.  Whether you’re looking for a road shoe, trail shoe or “off-trail” shoe, you should definitely check these out.  I prefer a shoe that keeps me close to the ground, stable and very agile. With Inov-8, that’s exactly what I get. More Info

GU Energy
GU believes nutrition should be used to maximize each athlete’s performance and enjoyment of sport, first and foremost, and then do so in the most natural and sustainable way possible. That is what GU is about. GU’s Nutrition Matrix is: Hydration. Energy. Recovery. These are the pillars of their nutrition system. They take the latest sports and nutrition science, validate it with world class athletes as well as themselves, and use what they learn to create energy, hydration and recovery products to maximize athletic performance and enjoyment. Period. I’ve been using GU products longer than I have been racing and they’ve been my longest standing sponsor (since 2008). I’ve tried many others over the years and nothing compares. Whatever your athletic goal, there is a GU FOR IT. More Info

Timex Factory Team
Again, this year, I will be racing as part of the Timex Factory Team. This team is an ambassadorship program comprised of over 300 athletes aimed at growing a strong community in multisport and endurance sports. Now in its 13th year, the Timex Factory Team is a diverse and successful team, composed of male and female athletes—both professional and amateur. We’ll be racing all kinds of races but mainly focused on triathlons. More Info

American Classic
American Classic
American Classic is a bicycle industry leader in the wheel and component design arena. They embrace improvement, fearlessly fusing engineering technology, quality and style into their product line. They are actively shaping the future of the bicycle industry and not sitting still to react to what others do. I’ve been racing on their wheels on both my road bike and mountain bike since 2011 and I LOVE these wheels! More Info

You want top-o-the-line tires? Then look no further than Schwalbe. Headquartered in Germany, these guys and gals know tires. They’ve been around since 1922, they are “tire fanatics” and 100% committed to bikes as well as, for several years now, to wheelchairs. They’re not worried about cars and trucks like some other manufactures. In doing so, they’ve been able to focus on creating the best bicycle tires out there. I tried out a set via recommendation from a friend and I was instantly hooked. More Info

First Endurance
First Endurance was started by two racing fanatics (a cyclist and a triathlete) with a healthy obsession for sports nutrition. The idea was simple. They wanted to give endurance athletes access to formulas that are developed for one specific reason-to maximize endurance performance. I came across First Endurance when looking for a quality multivitamin formula that would be best suited for an endurance athlete. I gave their MultiV a shot and have been using it since. More Info

ESI Grips
They’re the most comfortable grips on the planet. So much so, that I ride without gloves (unless it’s cold). They come in a variety of thickness, but I prefer the “Chunky” ones. On most regular handlebar grips, manufacturers put logos, tread patterns and all other kinds of crap that just make them damn uncomfortable. That junk belongs on tires, not handlebar grips. The whole idea of putting something on your handlebars is to 1: improve your grip and 2: keep your hands comfortable. Forget other grips that don’t put these two things FIRST. ESI Grips have their priorities straight and these puppies won’t move once installed. More Info

Crank Brothers
Another long-standing sponsor of mine, Crank Brothers makes some great bike schtuff. Known primarily for their innovative eggbeater style pedals, Crank Brothers makes multi-tools, wheelsets, bars, stems, seatposts and much more. Find their awesome wares at most bike shops or online at their website. More Info

Orange Seal
Orange Seal produces and sells ultra-light and effective tire sealant for use in tubeless tire set-ups, orange tape for sealing rims, and dry chain lube for keeping your drive train running as smooth as silk for a long, long time. They ride, race, and use our experience to make the best products on the market. I heard about this product and after frustration with other sealants, gave it a shot. Before riding or racing on it, I did my own shootout with the sealant I was currently using. I bet you can guess who won. More Info

As the name implies, this company makes “skin” for your cranks. Ever get frustrated that your crank arms are getting scuffed from all the riding? Tired of the ends of the cranks getting banged on rocks? Crankskins can help with protection for your cranks. From vinyl skins to rubber boot ends, you’ll protect those precious cranks with their products. More Info