Rockman this Saturday. Follow US!

Whelp. It’s here. Destination: Norway. Race: Rockman SwimRun. Can’t wait to swim this fjord and stand on this rock. In Norwegian it’s called preikestolen and translates to “the pulpit rock.” If you’ve seen the new Mission Impossible movie, it’s the location of the final fight scene (no, it’s not in Kashmir as the movie depicts). For reference, the fjord is approximately 1 mile wide and 24 miles long.


If you would like to follow us in the race, here’s all the goodies:

We are Team Orca, team number 45. Race starts at 7:30am Norway time, that means 1:30am Eastern US time. Don’t worry, it should take us at least 8 hours, so if you don’t stay up late, you can still catch the back end of the race if you get up a little early.

GPS Tracking!! I highly, highly suggest using the “Topo Map” option (upper right corner) to get a better idea of the course.

If you want a copy of the course map, get it here:

If you want to see a highlight video from last year:

All other information including more videos and history:

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